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Masterminds - Heist Society

In Masterminds: Heist Society you are the brains.  Assemble a team of operatives to take down some of the greatest heists with style.


We all love a good heist movie.  Oceans 11, Baby Driver, Inside Man, and countless others.  Even tv shows like Leverage come to mind.  This game aims to recreate the tension and drama with cards and actions inspired by these movies and shows as you and your fellow players take on the role of Masterminds.  

  Combining drafting, dice-rolling, and a strategic press-your-luck style of mission completion, Masterminds - Heist Society will test your risk/reward intuition as you play.  Take it safe and slow to guarantee a win, but another player may swoop in and grab the prize out from under you with a more reckless plan.

   Be the Mastermind.

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