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Do you think you have the reflexes, stamina and mental fortitude to be the top of the city’s finest? In “POLICE – the board game”, 2 to 6 players take on the role of patrol officers striving for the title of “Top Cop”.  Try to keep the streets of the city safe from perps that Dispatch will identify throughout the five sectors of the map.  Players take turns patrolling the city attempting to stop crimes by taking on three different types of challenges (Driving, Physical, & Verbal), aided by equipment and partners helping to get the job done, all the while juggling the stacks of paperwork that the DA’s Office will need filed to prosecute the criminals. Be careful of getting stuck doing paperwork because if too many preps get off the board, the city will fall into anarchy and the Mayor’s Office won’t be happy!
Roll out, and be careful out there!
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Competitive, Co-operative game play.

Light strategic elements.

Enjoyable across many ages.

The Police Board Game contents

What's in the 

Box ?

The Kickstarter box game comes with everything you need to play.  Including the six-section city map, player tokens and punch-outs, dice, and 48 Dispatch cards and 74 Requisitions cards.  As an added bonus, the Kickstarter version has  a metal Shift Commander shield and dry-erase card for keeping tally of all the collars you and your fellow Patrol Officers rack up.

How to Play  (Basics)

The basic overview of the game - 
The POLICE Board Game  - TOP COP is a game in which players take on the role of Patrol Officers and stop crime throughout the city. Players attempt to stop the crimes that will appear throughout the city and accumulate enough collar points trying to be the first to become the city’s next Top Cop.  Player's can augment their chances of success through the use of various cards and strategies.  
The game ends when a player's officer has accumulated enough Collar Points and done all of their paperwork -OR- after 15 rounds.  Keep in mind that if too many criminals (aka PERPs) escape, the game ends and all the officers loose.
While its co-operative, it's also competitive.  Your fellow officers are also in pursuit of the title.  So be wary of holding on to too much paperwork, otherwise the Captain will want to see you.  Let too many criminals escape and the Mayor's Office will be on the departments back. #UnhappyMayor
So grab your gear and see if you can be the next “TOP COP” !

Click Here for the BOSS rap sheet preview...

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