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MasterMinds - Heist Society

In Mastermind - Heist Society you are the brains.  Assemble a team of operatives to take down some of the greatest heists with style.


We all love a good heist movie.  Oceans 11, Baby Driver, Inside Man, and countless others.  Even tv shows like Leverage come to mind.  This game aims to recreate the tension and drama with cards and actions pulled from these movies and shows as you and your fellow players take on the role of Masterminds.  

  Combining drafting strategy, dice-rolling, and a press-your-luck style of mission completion, Masterminds - Heist Society will test your risk/reward intuition, along with your luck.  Play it safe and slow to guarantee a win, but another player may swoop in and grab the prize out from under you.

   Be the Mastermind.

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The Basics

In this card game for 2-5* players (possibly 6), players will recruit talented individuals and have them race against the other teams to complete steps on the Heist cards to collect the payouts listed.  
The game is designed to allow for multiple play styles, and is suited for players age 10 an up. 
Each round, players can choose between preparing their team with more personnel and added equipment, or running one of the available heist jobs in play.
There are four types of cards:  Talent, Heist, Failure, and PREP:
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  These are the talented individuals that become the Mastermind's Recruits.  You may draft one each PREP phase.  They are the arms and legs of your operation.  You will direct them to use their talents on the various steps of the Heists. 
  Each one has different stats and special abilities to leverage.  You may only have four in your crew at a time, but how you use them is up to you. 
Ex Card 5-TPS-Character Specialist B- Pr
5-TPS-Character Specialist E - Alejandro
   Each Talent Card has the five stats used to complete Heists.  Driving - Their skill with vehicles; land, sea, and air.  Combat - Their mastery of weapons and/or martial arts.  B&E (Breaking and Entering) - This covers their abilities with code-breaking, lock-picking, and electronic intrusion.  Stealth - Their ability to go unseen.  Lastly, Grifting - Their ability to talk their way in or out of a situation.
   At the bottom is the Special Ability which has a affect in the game.
xx-18-Heists- The Importer - 1Front cuto
xx-10-Heists- The Tech Firm - 2Back cuto
   These are the jobs that your crew will take down.  Each job has 4 parts called Heist Steps, each of which has a stat challenge associated with it.
   You can use up to three members of your team to take on a heist challenge and complete the Heist Step.  
   As you complete Heist Steps, you put one of your markers in the boxes in order "A-C".  Then go for the finale "D".  When you complete that, you complete the Heist and reap the Gem reward!
The FAILURE cards
   When a Heist Step is failed, you must choose a team member that participated in the failed step and draw a Failure Card.  If the challenge that was failed is in either the top or bottom starburst, then that team member has to pass the challenge below or suffer the consequences on the card.  If your Heist Step challenge isn't in the starburst, then they lucked out !!  
   There is a Failure card that gets the team member busted by the authorities, so "failure" is not recommended!
Ex-04-TPS-FAIL- Combat 2.jpg
The PREP cards
   Prep Cards are kept in your hand until you, the Mastermind, choose to use them.  These can be played on you & your team -or- play on your opponents & their teams.  Card types include equipment, and bonus cards to help finish a heist, and cards that can hinder your opponents.  Many cards have a option to cash in a Gem for an additional effect, but GEMS are how you win, so use them sparingly.
   It can be worth the risk...
       ...as long as you come out on top!
PREP card Examples.jpg
The GEMs 
   GEMs  --  "diamonds and rubies and emeralds, oh my... "
   Gems are the payout for completing a successful heist and can also be used in the game  to give PREP cards additional or alternative abilities.     At the end of the game, each player rolls for the value of their color gem, while all diamonds (clear gems) are worth 2 points each. 
   The game comes with over 40 gems and a gem bag, along with dice/markers for the game.
   Masterminds : Heist Society is an entertaining game that is highly re-playable, providing many hours of entertainment for you and you fellow masterminds.