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MasterMinds - Heist Society

Be the Mastermind.  In Heist Society (working title) you are the brains.  Assemble a team of operatives to take down some of the greatest heists in history.  Combining drafting and a press-your-luck style of mission completion, Masterminds - Heist Society will test your risk/reward calculations, along with your luck.  Play it safe and slow to guarantee a win, but another player may swoop in and grab the prize out from under you.

   Be the Mastermind.


More info coming soon !!       Game testing is ongoing.

A view of the test deck, not final art.

The Basics

In this card game for 2-6 players, you take on the role of the "brains behind the operation" as seen in films like Baby Driver, and TV shows like "Leverage".  Each round, players can choose between preparing their team with personnel and equipment, or running one of the heist jobs that is available in play. 
The game is designed to allow for multiple play styles, and is suited for players age 12 an up.