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How-to-Play video. Let's make one... CHEAP !

I went looking to have a how-to-play video created for Masterminds - Heist Society and was greeted with prices from $120 to well over $700. After getting these numbers I knew this is skill I wanted to learn to save me money. Since I have a background with Adobe Photoshop, I loaded up Premiere and ran through their tutorials. For those that do not want to pay Adobe, I recommend DaVinci Resolve, a FREE software, that lets you do most of the things Premiere can do. (Link: )

Once I had the video I looked for a voice-over solution and stumbled onto "Speecholo", an AI generated voice over software. (Link: ) Super easy-to-use and the best part is I don't have to pay for any script re-writes. This won't work for everything, but for explainer videos this is a great alternative.

Here is the end product, enjoy...:;

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