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We at BattleHaven Games hope that everyone is staying healthy during the pandemic.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected along with their families & friends.

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Masterminds - Heist Society   

      Pick your team, make a plan, and execute a perfect heist!  

In Masterminds - Heist Society you are the shot-caller, assembling a hand-picked team of operatives to take down the toughest modern-day heists. 

       Combining drafting, die-rolling, and a strategic press-your-luck style of mission completion, Masterminds - Heist Society will test your risk/reward calculations.  Play it safe and go slow to guarantee a win, but be aware that another player may swoop in with a riskier plan and grab the prize out from under you.

   Be the Mastermind.

The Police Board game logo over a police car chase

RULE BOOK AVAILABLE                          -- Rulebook available HERE

The POLICE Board Game - TOP COP 

Do you think you have what it takes to be TOP COP ?

 In this game, 2-6 players take on the role of Patrol Officers and take turns patrolling the city and stopping crime.  Players can attempt to take down perps in three types of challenges (Driving, Physical, and Verbal) using an array of Police tools, all the while juggling the paperwork that the DA will need to put the crooks behind bars.

 Masterminds: Heist Society is being manufactured!!  Check out the latest from the campaign HERE. 

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: : : Update : : :
Masterminds: Heist Society
is still available via TableTopia. 
2023 EVENTS:

Upcoming Conventions/Events

August 19th   

        Epic Nerd Camp - for Adults

            Darlington, MD

August 25-27      

         Protospiel Online 2023 - August 

            Virtual convention

October 14-15  

         Congress of Gamers - Fall Session 

            Washington DC, MD

November 9-12   


            Annapolis, MD

                      More Events Coming Soon

Heist Society - LOGO NEW.jpg
Masterminds - Heist Society
A competitive game about pulling off
the perfect
The Next Big Thing - Card Game
In development.
Check back soon for more details.
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