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Cards for the Players (Officers)

The RIG cards will be the cards that players get to equipt and improve their chances of stopping the various crimes they encounter.

This week was all about the player augments. I decided to include the 'monkey-wrench' cards in this group as well. It made it easier to design and now they don't feel like a separate "Gotcha" deck. Most cards are equipment that the player chooses to take time to use, but there are also instants that allow for gameplay when its not your turn. I am a STRONG proponent for giving players something to pay attention to when its NOT their turn. A lot of games fall short in this area.

I sat down with a group of Officers and just ran thru all the equipment. There is a good amount that is standard issue. Even to the point that almost all cruisers have a laptop station in the car for the Officer to use. Many states offer a "Citizen's Academy" training that lets you experience a pleasant introduction to the role of policing and its role in society. An example is linked below:

“ The Citizens’ Police Academy’s primary objective is to afford an opportunity for community, business and religious leaders to become informed and educated about the many aspects of police work." -except from Citizens’ Police Academy website for Baltimore County, Maryland

It's amazing what other stuff you come across doing a project like this.

Creating the Content and Layout

I chose to not re-invent the wheel with this layout. Since its the norm, it makes it very easy for most players to pick these up and immediately have familiarity with them. Making up the quotes is fun though.

RIG / Requisition cards in development
RIG / Requisition cards (still working on the naming)

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