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Dispatch Cards and their mechanics

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

This is the quick overview of how the dispatch cards will work in the game..

Well you can't have a Police game without PERPs to bust. So we set forward in working to create good sized cards for the game board that is being created. The card size Domino seems to work for us and allows a good sized card for players hands, and enough realestate to put a picture and card stats on each.

Dispatch cards
Some cards in development.

“It's easy to go Rated-R real quick.”

Creating the Content and Layout

One of the harder things to do is coming up with the crimes that keep the game more PG-13. It's very easy to go Rated-R real quick. Artistically I wanted to humanize the law enforcement .NPCs and leave most of the PERP in masks..., except for the BOSSes. Each has a rap sheet that I hope to include in the game book somewhere.

All in all the ratio of 3 out of 4 Dispatch cards will be PERPs to keep the players busy and engaged in the game. There movement mechanic will be round based.


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